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Spring is Here!!!!

Spring is Here!!!!

Spring Start Up Tips


  • Water Quality -if the water is murky and/or green and full of leaves and debris; drain.  If the water is fairly clean without too much debris; scoop out what you can and use a sludge eating bacteria.

  • Pump -check your pumps impellor.  It should spin freely, with no obstructions.  Check the cord for any damage.

  • Filter Mats -most filter mats should be replaced yearly.  this greatly increases their performance.

  • Plants -remove any dead foliage.  Fertilize early bloomers such as Iris when growth is few inches tall.  Fertilize lilies when active growth has begun; when several leaves have reached the surface.

  • Fish -they may look hungry, but DO NOT feed your fish until the WATER temperature stays consistently above 55 degrees.  They cannot digest food when they are cold.  Check for open sores, spots, and abnormalities.  Salt is usually a good idea in the spring.

  • Beneficial Bacteria -you can never have too much of this "good stuff" in your pond., but if you don't have enough, you will have green water!

  • Sludge Remover Tabs - whether you drain you pond completely, or "spot clean" these tablets are great for keeping sludge to a minimal or dissolving existing sludge at the bottom of the pond!

**We can do it for you!!  We offer full service Spring Start Ups!!  Call Waterscapes today to schedule an appointment!!  231-275-3625

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