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Heaters & Aerators

Heaters & Aerators

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winter pond heater aeratorWe have found the best results throughout the winter are when a heater (de-icer) and an aerator are used in unison. This allows the heater to keep a hole in the ice, while the aerator is pumping oxygen into the pond for your fish. While in some climates one or the other may suffice, here in northern Michigan, we recommend all of our customers use both.

A continuous duty aeration system is ideal for both summer time aeration and winter time deicing. Powered by a long lasting, super quiet air compressor that costs only pennies per month to operate! Kit includes compressor, 12′ vinyl tubing and air diffuser. Will operate up to 4′ deep. 115 volt compressor draws only 7 watts! 

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Hey everyone, hope you are all staying healthy during this pandemic.

Unfortunately, we are closed during this “Stay at Home” order. Until it is lifted, or we have further information, we will not be able service your water features!

Until then, we are offering curbside pick up for all your water feature needs. Just call or send us a text of what you need, and we will have it sitting on our covered porch for you to pick up!

Thanks and stay safe!

Amber & John 😊